Our email:    ctup_nowar  (at)  hotmail.com

Connecticut United for Peace is a coalition of anti-war and human rights groups formed in the run up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

We’ve held the big anti-war rallies in the state and numerous conferences. We have been active in opposing the expansion of the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.  We have cosponsored rallies to End the Siege of Gaza.

We participate in the regional coalition called New England United (www.NewEnglandUnited.org) and in the United National Anti-War Committee (www.unacpeace.org).  We have consistently organized for a movement that can mount united mass actions in the streets against Washington’s wars and occupations.

Meetings are open to any groups or individuals who oppose the war and believe in human rights and self determination for all the peoples of the Middle East. For more information call Stan at 203 934 2761 or Chris at 860 478 5300.

We go by the acronym CTUP pronounced [cut-up]

Groups coming to CTUP include:  West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice, Middle East Crisis Committee, Socialist Action, A.N.S.W.E.R. International Socialist Organization, Israel/Palestine Peace, Education and Action  Group of Northeast CT, We Refuse to Be Enemies

To reach a CTUP organizer email to:     ctup_nowar  (at)  hotmail.com