10 Years After the Invasion

Tens years after “Shock and Awe”

Tens years after the river of lies and distortions

Tens of thousands of Iraqis killed

Five thousand American dead

A U.S. Army with a Plague of Suicides

An Iran torn apart into relgious and ethnic sects

Mission Accomplished!

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Hear Joe Lombardo Now about Code Pink Drone Tour

A taste of the news at the big meeting at Central

Also see “The Struggle” TV News show all about drones

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Articles in the Major Media about Code Pink Drone Mission to Pakistan

Western Peace Activists Protest in Pakistan Against Drone Strikes
New York Times
Imran Khan and Codepink are blocked from Pakistan’s tribal area
The Washington Post
Peace March Against Drones in Pakistan Ends with Rally After Convoy Stopped by Army
Pakistani military blocks anti-drone convoy from entering tribal region
The Guardian
Pakistan drone protest stopped from entering tribal area
The Times Live
Life in Waziristan, 2012 “AD”
American Code Pink activists join Pakistan convoy protesting drone strikes
Tampa Bay Times
Pakistan march picks up Code Pink
The San Francisco Chronicle


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Tuesday: Report Back from the Codepink Peace Delegation to Pakistan


Joe Lombardo, a member of the Troy Area Labor Concil and co-chair of the United National Antiwar Coalition

Judy Bello, a member of the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars and one of the Hancock 38 drone resisters

Osman Khan, a radical economist currently pursuing his doctorate, just returned from 6 months in Pakistan where he researched the impact of drone attacks and war on the tribal peoples of western Pakistan

Tuesday, October 23 at 7:30 pm

Continue reading

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Israel Stops 20 Activists Between Egypt-Israel Border

Interior Minister Yishai says ” If there were no fence, and if we weren’t steadfast, there would be a million people here.”  It’s in the Israeli paper Ha’aretz Sept. 3. 2012  There are 60,000 African migrants who came to Israel either as refugees or to seek a better life.  Recently many have been subject to attack.  Yishai wants to lock them all up indefinitely in an Israeli detention facility.  The Ha’aretz editors believe in another path.   Ha’aretz is considered Israel’s “paper of record”, but it has rather low circulation, mostly among the secular and well educated.

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Noam Chomsky: Why America and Israel Are the Greatest Threats to Peace


September 3, 2012  |

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It is not easy to escape from one’s skin, to see the world differently from the way it is presented to us day after day. But it is useful to try. Let’s take a few examples.

The war drums are beating ever more loudly over Iran. Imagine the situation to be reversed.


Here’s the full article

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CT United for Peace Educational Forums May-June, 2011

Hear Vijay Prashad, Assistant Professor of International Studies, Trinity College, Hartford, CT

Title: The Arab Spring and the Libyan Storm

Friday, May 6, 7p.m., Marcus White Living Room, Marcus White Hall, Central Connecticut State Univ., New Britain


Hear Carol Miller: The Militarization of New Mexico and its Impact on the Rural Poor.

Carol Miller is a public health activist who has been living in a frontier mountain village in northern New Mexico downwind from the Bechtel Los Alamos nuclear bomb factory.

Miller is a longtime peace activist and nuclear abolitionist who opposes the ongoing militarization of New Mexico and the US and calls for the conversion to a peace economy. She is a founder and Co-Chair of the Peaceful Skies Coalition of northern New Mexico and Colorado, which is currently fighting the US Air Force and its plans to turn 94,000 square miles of the Rocky Mountains into a low altitude flight training area.

Sunday, May 15, 2:30 p.m., Church of the Holy Trinity, 381 Main St., Side Door, Middletown, CT, upstairs room



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